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CHEAPART 1995-2022 Tribute

Τribute to 11 CHEAPART personalities from 1995 until today

A special tribute to 11 CHEAPART personalities from 1995 until today, who have been part of the recent exhibitions, Nikos Artemis, Eirini Diadou, Elio Samaras, Nikos Giavropoulos, Babis Karalis, Christos Kehagioglou, Nikos Kryonidis, Fiona Mouzakitis, Natassa Poulantza, Andreas Voussouras and Yorgos Lintzeris present their current work and the course of their development since their early presentations at CHEAPART.

[Lft] Nikos Artemis presents his audiovisual installation entitled «V».

[Rt] Irini Diadou's «landscapes from screens» started during the Covid19 quarantine, when there was ample time and tranquility. These are landscapes inspired or «borrowed» from photos on social media (Facebook, Instagram), from Nordic Noir series on streaming services or just from the TV. The majority of the works was created on unstretched canvases, which offer more freedom for experimentation and less limitations. Naturally the works embody the feeling of futility and melancholy triggered by the fear and insecurity of not knowing if and when solutions would be given to the global pandemic.

[Lft] Elio Samaras' installation «Between the trees» consists of various constructions that combine two contradictory materials, iron and charcoal. In this way he specifies the coexistence of unrelated elements and substances. Fragile - resistant, organic - industrial, light - heavy. Most of the contrasts of each material are expressed during the sketch development, the stage in which roles are reversed - iron takes on an organic form while charcoal takes on more geometric forms.

[Rt] The video installation «Victory» by Nikos Giavropoulos is a commentary on the sufferings of war. The work is part of the trilogy of his solo exhibition «Peace in the years of war - a reversal of terms» curated Konstantinos Basios and showcased at CHEAPART Gallery in May 2022. «Peace is a period during which war is absent, but in reality, such a period has never existed in the history of mankind.» with this comment the artist questions whether culture can overpower savagery and the most aggressive instincts.

[Lft] The installation of Babis Karalis «Atromitos (fearless) Peristeriou» consists of two burnt sarcophagi and a smaller one, as a direct reference to the memory of his warrior grandfather. Key features of the installation are the verbal and acoustic elements and writing, means by which the warrior's stories - and personal experiences of M. Karalis – are communicated to the public.

[Rt] «All the dreams together», a selection of artworks by Christos Kehagioglou developed in the last years, with reference to the poems of Sotiris Kakisis

[Lft] Nikos Kryonidis presents a set of small and large works under the title «Zooting». In regard to the animals, their color and shape, he creates non-joining painting and sculptural compositions, pencil drawings on paper and acrylic paints on canvas, wall-mounted small sculptures on white surfaces.

[Rt] «Circe’s Garden» by Fiona Mouzakitis is a series of 14 digital artworks and their animated versions. Circe’s garden, beautiful and magical, like the world surrounding us. The artworks are symbolical and allude to the beauty and mystery of nature. The unexpected can happen anytime and we are far from knowing all of nature’s powers and mysteries. It is a reminder of our duty to preserve our environment, otherwise it will transform into another world, as a punishment for ignoring all warning signs, like Circes magic. The artworks also allude to the struggle between the female and male existence.

[Lft] Natassa Poulantza presents a selection of artwork from THEN and NOW.

[Rt] Andreas Vousouras creates an in-situ installation entitled «FALL», preserving the English word untranslated as it refers to both autumn and fall (descend-decline). He uses materials and elements of the surrounding space together with selected objects from his workshop. The artwork is a personal commentary on the decline of Europe and the war, adding yet another dystopian dimension to the overall situation.

[Lft] George Lintzeris' installation consists of 4 sculptures - metal houses framed by 40 engravings with the same theme. The house-residence-home, is the main concept of his work through which he comments on shelter and protection, and social isolation and confinement caused by the pandemic.

The presentation « CHEAPART 1995-2022 Tribute» is part of CHEAPART 2022 | Desire for Art.
CHEAPART 2022 | Desire for Art participates in Gallery Walk / Athens Culture Net of the City of Athens and the Hellenic Art Galleries Association PSAT.

CHEAPART 2022 | Desire for Art
Curated, coordinated by: CHEAPART
Georg Georgakopoulos, Fotini Kapiris
Artist’s coordinator: Anna Androulaki

2 Rethymnou & Vasileos Irakleiou str., Athens 106 82
Opening: Sunday, December 11, 2022, 14:00 – 22:00
Duration: December 11 – 23, 2022, 14:00 – 21:00 daily and weekends
«CHEAPART 1995-2022 Tribute», 3 – 4th floor