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Dialogues on Change

The environment and climate change is to very large extent in the highlight of the artistic practice. The natural world and its elements are challenging issues in contemporary art, at a time when the digital space embraces an ever larger part of the global community through which we interact every day.
CHEAPART with the financial support and auspices of the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports YPPOA, implemented the cultural awareness program "Dialogues on Change" from July 8 - July 24, 2022 in Isternia, Tinos. The goal of this program was to raise public awareness through contemporary art regarding the climate crisis. Artists and curators from Greece and abroad, with the participation of the public and residents of Isternia, inspire us to imagine a more sustainable future.

Dialogues on Change «Mapping the materials of the Future»

⟶ Group exhibition on the the study and interpretation of the natural house-(oikos).

The group exhibition «Dialogues on Change: Mapping the Materials of the Future» at the Former Medical Center of Isternia involved 31 contemporary artists from Greece and abroad, as well as sculptors from Isternia. The artists were inspired by the local materials, creating sculptures and outdoor installations.
Artists: Ageliki Augoustidena & Leftheris Naftis, Philipp Benkert, Piyi Daniilidi, Onoufrios Despiris, Evdokia Kyrkou, Jérémy Lacombe, George Palamaris, Despoina Pantazi, Nikos Rizopoulos, Eirini Roumpi, Mary Roussioti, Elio Samara, Stratos Sterianos, Martha Tsiara, Voula Ferentinou, Dimitris Christidis, Werner Widmer/ Myrto Apostolou, Lamprini Boviatsou, Nikos Kryonidis, Sophia Kyriakou, Dimitris Lempesis, Alexandros Maganiotis, Margarita Petrova, Maria Stamati, Konstantina Sylikou, Irini Vazoukou, Costas Vittis, Maria Zygomala/ Curator Efi Michalarou.

Book of Change  —   

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⟶ Talks, tours, events

in the natural setting, public space and in historical landmarks of Isternia, connect us with the environment and the history of the natural materials and resources of Tinos.
«Poetry and environment, readings» by the acclaimed Poet-translator, Essayist, Professor of history - international relations at the American College of Greece, Haris Vlavianos. A special "Art Hunt" within the natural landscape of Isternia, gave the visitors an opportunity to discover verses from poems related to the environment through QR codes. The Isternian sculptor Onoufrios Desypris guided the public through his workshop and the history of marble sculpture in Tinos as well as the traditional techniques and contemporary methods used by the local sculptors. Four exceptional music performances featuring a variety of music genres and styles were staged within the pictorial Sochos Square below the main exhibition building. The outdoor space was transformed into a meeting point for music, gathering a large audience from all the villages of Tinos. Stratos Sterianos presented a contemporary approach to traditional music, followed by a free improvisation performance by Don Stavrinos, Nefeli Stam and Stefanos Chytiris accompanied by choreographer Anna Apergi. A repertoire of classical masterpieces was performed by the internationally renowned cellist Christina Basili with the support of the Austrian Embassy in Athens.

⟶ Book of Change, the Digital Collection

artworks and texts inspired by ideas on nature suggest a new approach to everyday life. Artists, people of the arts and culture contribute to an online collection of cultural material.
Στο «Book of Change» contributors: Alexandros Atlidakis, Founder of Underathens Association / Haris Vlavianos, Poet-translator, essayist, professor of Political History/ International Relations at the The American College of Greece / Vasilis Galanis, Artist / Elizabeth Dionyssopoulou, Artist, Engraver / haotique, Artist, Photographer / Nikolas Karathanasis, Artist, Photographer / Nikos Kryonidis, Artist, Painter / Evdokia Kyrkou, Artist, Educator / Ioulia Ladogianni, Artist, Photographer, Educator / Efi Michalarou, Journalist- Art Critic & Curator / Emilia Bouriti, Visual and performance artist / Leftheris Plakidas, Journalist, Content creator, Travel Writer / Eirini Roumpi, Artist / Mary Roussioti, Artist, Co-founder of POW WOW Art Space / Elio Samaras, Artist / say_it_olo (Don Stavrinos, Nefeli Stam, Stefanos Chytiris, Anna Apergi), Music collective / Stratos Sterianos, Artist, Musician / Voula Paraskevi Ferentinou, Artist.

The Book of Change documents two local culinary masters Anna Rigou and Kyrillos Paraskevas who reveal local food recipes and guide us through their kitchens, while Panagiotis Agathos presents his organic vegetable garden that overlooks the Aegean.

[Lft] Artists and curators at the exhibiton space.  [Rt] Irini Roupi assembles her project.

[Lft] Sculptor Elio Samaras installs his work.  [Rt] Mary Roussioti and a team of participating artists install her artwork.

[Lft] French contemporary marble sculptor Jérémy Lacombe.
[Rt] Art critic and curator Efi Michalarou with the work of Costas Vittis.

Visitors at the opening of Dialogues on Change «Mapping the materials of the Future».

[Lft] Visitors at the main exhibition area.
[Rt] Before the work «MIT EINER PRISE LEIDENSCHAFT» by Swiss artist Werner Widmer.

[Lft] «Dinner with a nature-naut» by the Isternian sculptor George Palamaris.
[Rt] Before the work of Piyi Daniilidi «Vacant».

[Lft] View of the main exhibition space Dialogues on Change «Mapping the materials of the Future»
[Rt] Outdoor sculptural intervention by Nikos Kryonidis

Reading by Haris Vlavianos, Poet-translator, Essayist, Professor of history - international relations at the American College of Greece, at Sochos square.

[Lft] The winner of the «Art Hunt» revealed by Eva Dallas and Haris Vlavianos.
[Rt] Visitors on the «Art Hunt» discovering poetry and art in the natural landscape of Isternia.

Isternian sculptor Onoufrios Desypris guides a group of visitors through his workshop and discusses the history of the local marble sculpture, traditional techniques and methods.

Evenings of musical performances in the central square of Isternia
[Lft] Stratos Sterianos interprets traditional music with a contemporary experimental approach.  [Rt] Classical music with the internationally renowned cellist Cristina Basili.

Sustainable kitchen
Kitchen and garden visits to the locals, watch the videos.

[Lft] Anna Rigou [Cent] Kyrillos Paraskevas [Rt] Panagiotis Agathos

Dialogues on Change