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The place is bewitched

May 2-7, 2023
7 Nikiou str., Athens 105 60

Urban communities and neighborhoods have their own local legends, beliefs and myths. While mostly fictional, these stories of the past, present and future of Athens constitute the emotional profile and soul of each neighborhood's diversity. In response, ten artists from Greece and abroad develop their own narratives and interpretations. The classical era, the Roman period and later the Byzantine Empire, the Ottoman rule that led to the new era of liberation and transformation of Athens into the capital of the independent Greek State, are the main elements behind these stories. The wars, the Athenian belle époque, political and social conflicts are the fabric components entailed in the artistic approach.

Artists: Dimosthenis Bogiatzis, Vasilis Galanis, Orestis Karalis, Markellos Kolofotias, Dimitris Kontodimos, Marilena Kranioti, Elio Samaras, Stratos Sterianos, the Krank, Andreas Vembos.

Curated by: Georg Georgakopoulos

The exhibition «The place is bewitched» is part of the Open street fair «Local infection of the cosmopolitan» of the Athens Commercial Triangle. Contemporary artists from Greece and abroad present artwork in unexpected locations, together with selected musical events, performances and slam poetry, forming a modular tour of the Athenian Triangle.

Local infection of the cosmopolitan
Open street fair / Athens Trigono
Athens intersection

May 2-7 2023, Athens Commercial Triangle

Επιμέλεια: Georg Georgakopoulos

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The place is bewitched