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CHEAPARTWEEK2023: Curious worlds invites you to the adventure of art in a game of curiosity and discovery, a meeting and exchange of opinions. From December 13 to 23, the Athenian audience will be welcomed by 86 artists, 9 curators, and 35 performance artists with artwork, performances, screenings, and presentations on 7 floors of CHEAPART’s new building at 66 Zoodochou Pigis Street, in the heart of the historical neighborhood of Exarchia.

Opening: Wednesday, December 13, 2023
Duration: December 13 - 23, 2023
14:00 – 21:00 daily and weekends
66 Zoodochou Pigis Str, Exarchia, 10681

CHEAPART and Zeitgeist. CHEAPART evolves with the spirit of the times, taking into consideration not only the current conditions but also the demands and cultural explorations as they are shaped today. New and older formations create a different setting each time. Interaction and spontaneity produce an unexpectedly exciting result, a unique experience for both artists and the audience. The combination of many expressive mediums in a time when boundaries are no longer an obstacle to collaboration between artists from different cultural disciplines, sets the pace and dynamic of CHEAPART. Ten days of art and culture are showcased in a multi-floor building, offering artists and visitors a unique opportunity to meet and discover a significant part of the new contemporary Athenian art scene.

CHEAPARTWEEK2023: Curious worlds The theme of CHEAPARTWEEK2023, "Curious Worlds" entails the artists' curiosity and exploration as an indisputable driving force. The narratives of artists and curators unfold over the distinctive 7 storey, 1970 building of Exarchia mounted by a series of performances, special presentations, and music events. Curious and unexpected worlds that exist within real environments, invite artists and viewers to explore and discover the vital connections that shape today’s contemporary art.

CHEAPART makes the process of discovering art a more exciting experience by hosting exhibitions in buildings that have defined the Athenian landscape for the past 100 years. This exploration has revealed a hidden picture of Athens; those who have undertaken this journey have gained insight into the city's history through its buildings. From the nostalgia of the loss of the neoclassical heritage to the urban eclecticism, from the modern interwar movement to the residential boom of the 60s and 70s. Every quality holds its own charm, its uniqueness, strange worlds that become vibrant and active through the works of the artists.

Starting Wednesday, December 13th on 1st, 2nd and 4th floor of CHEAPARTWEEK2023, the Athenian audience will be welcomed with new entities of works by the artists: Stefanos Alafouzos, Matina Alexiou, Sotirios Antoniadis, Panagiota Apostolopoulou, Anthia Mega Chavre, Aggeliki Chrysou, Makis Fioros, Natalia Aspasia Karapanagioti, Nefeli Karaslanidou, Nicholas Karathanasis, Eleni Kastrinogianni, Stella Kechagioglou, Maro Kouri, Giannis Koutroulis, Christina Koutsolioutsou, Ioulia Ladogianni, Elli Lampadaridou, Myrto Liostou, Alexandros Magkos, Ntia Manesi, Stratos Maragos, Erietta Markadonatou, Valentini Mavrodoglou, Vasiliki Nikolaidi, Natalie Papachristou, Xenia Papadopoulou, Kristel Pent, Jenny Petropoulou, Ioannis Polyzos, Alexandra Sarah, Xrysa Sougioul, Konstantinos Spyrellis, Giuseppe Tiberini, Eleni Tsamadia, Konstans Zafeiri, Foteini Zaglara.

Extended Curatorial ─ CHEAPARTWEEK 2023

2nd floor

“Micro Worlds”
Curated by: Antigoni Kapsali
Demetra Exarchou, Sofia Kyriakou, Elly Kyriazi, Annette Luycx, Dimitra Oikonomou, Athanasia Papatzelou, Eleni Sarli, Zoi Seitani, Theodora Tsiatsiou, Vivi Tsiogka.
Performance by Rania Kapetanaki in the context of "Reconstruction" exhibition.

Microworlds consist of 10 autonomous heterotopias which differ from everyday time and space, forming conceptually complex and symbolic fields. Imaginary worlds and moments of everyday life intertwine with elements of the urban and natural landscapes. They are put under the microscope, creating an artistic "kaleidoscope," offering multiple possibilities for interpretation.

3rd floor

Curated by: Nina Kotamanidou
Eleftheria Alexandri, Andromachi Giannopoulou, Nina Kotamanidou, Chrisa Lamprakopoulou, Mihail Parlamas, Katerina Stamati.

In "153K Views", each artist's work interprets a category of popular visuals through the focus of their artistic practice: from narcissism to dream pop, from exotic reality to brief verbal symbols, from reality to otherworldly identity, from childhood to adulthood, from everyday life to art.

“Abstract Machines: The Gaze of Psychoanalysis in Photography”
Curated by: Helen Mesadou
Eva Berler, Myrto Grigoriou, Ioanna Kofina, Despoina Mykoniati, Georgia Ponirakou, Renee Revah, Yannis Rousounelos, Ioanna Spentzou, Amalia Tsakiri.

The exhibition explores abstract machines through the lens of psychoanalysis. Focusing on the detection of symbols, it reveals how images reflect the complexity of mental life. A journey into the world of abstract analysis through the lens of photography.

4th floor

”Landscapes of Entropy”
Curated by: Despoina Pantazi
Eirini Archontaki, Ourania Karamouzi, Maria Karasavvidou, Despoina Pantazi, Spyros Romanos, Αnna Maria Xadjistephanou.

Entropy is the concept through which disorder is measured, with its maximum value reflecting complete disorganization (homogenization of everything) and is equivalent to the cessation of life.

5th floor

Curated by: Aias Christofis
Angela Brisnovali, Eleni Glinou, Vasiliki Sagkioti.

The prominent idea that Nature - with the recurring abundance of her animate and inanimate forms – grimly contains a veiled demonic (dämonish) quality, prominently begins with Aristotle, who already considered that natura daemonia est, non divina and it is ultimately raised to an indissoluble axiom by the pessimistic philosophy of A. Schopenhauer. Already since late antiquity (and the so-called -according to I. P. Culianu- demonization of the world, i.e., Gnosticism, Manichaeism, etc.), Nature itself (along with the seven planetary systems) constitutes primarily an illusory plaything of a demonic Demiurge, whilst the German Romantics -with their Kantian theory of the sublime (erhabene)- specifically considered Nature as the material expression of an undivulged and gloomy force that utterly transcends human cognition. This transcendent and indifferent something, which actually inheres behind natural phenomena (and is invisible, incomprehensible and un-intelligent), which, -seen from its cosmic side, i.e., non-human side-Eugene Thacker (influenced by H. P. Lovecraft) austerely calls the-world-without-us constitutes a posteriori the main non-subject/non-theme of this exhibition. The artworks of Glinou, Brisnovali and Sagkioti -through the multifaceted depictions of plant life (and Nature in general)- negatively delineate (or otherwise, do not represent...) the abysmal entity that lurks silently behind the unseen bowels of becoming - a curious world without us.

”Art in a box”
Curated by: Elizabeth Dionyssopoulou
Maria Alevizou, Maria Aretaki, Elizabeth Dionyssopoulou, Ioanna Douma, Mairi Kotzampougiouk, Eleni Mavronikola, Mihalis Papaioannou, Maria Papakonstantinou.

The goal of the Art in a box and its creator, Elizabeth Dionyssopoulou, is to help people understand Art in everyday life. The projects are based on daily exercises where each member explores conceptual documentations of his daily life, observes, expands his visual and critical perception to find that Art is not just an aesthetic process, but a tool for creative thinking and change.

6th, 7th floor

Curated by: Anastasia Voutsa
Ifigeneia Chala, Evie Kaplani, Foxy Lady, Marianna Perivola, Regina, Elisso Theochari, Anastasia Voutsa.

Conseederate was formed based on a homonymous project where artists provided their designs for a collection of biodegradable plantable cards, always maintaining their own expression, work and representation of ideas and images. This exhibition focuses on the artistic uniqueness and diversity of the team members, introducing them through a more artistic prism.

"Clock", Markella Kairi, Video

On the ground floor, Suzie Q and Lambros Lambropoulos design the bar for participants and the public.

Performance ─ CHEAPARTWEEK 2023

Thursday 14/12, 21:00 & Tuesday 19/12, 20:00
"...A nocturne is a musical composition that reflects the moods and feelings of night time..."
Eleni Tsamadia

Duration: 10 minutes

Friday 15/12, 21:30 & Sunday 17/12, 21:30
"/ /"
Concept, movement, interpretation: Christina Karpouzou, Elia Verganelaki.
Original music: Antonis Kavvadias (electric guitar), Stef Selden (Synth).
Photography: Alexandra Masmanidi.
Duration: 20 minutes

Friday 15/12, 22:00

"Building Noises (and How to Stop Them)"
Sound and visual composition: Nefeli Stamatogiannopoulou.
Violin: Aggelos Mastrantonis.
Bass, Electronics, Vocals: Nefeli Stamatogiannopoulou.
Duration: 35 minutes

Saturday 16/12, 15:00 - 21:00, Sunday 17/12, 15:00 - 21:00, Thursday 21/12, 17:00, Tuesday 19/12, 17:00, Friday 22/12, 15:00 - 21:00
"Embracing Otherness"
Long durational performance by Vangelis Papadakis.
Scenography: Angeliki Vasiliadou.

Saturday 16/12, 16:00 (walking performance Duration: 60 - 90 minutes)
Sunday 17/12, 18:00 (Duration: 20 - 30 minutes)
"22 stops"
Concept, creation, performance: Katerina Drakopoulou.
Photography: Ioulia Ladogianni.

Saturday 16/12, 17:30 – 21:00

".............not to be
is also an answer"

Performance series curated by George Zamboulakis.

•• 17:30 "Bedtime stories" (an isolation room).
Human installation. Concept - performer: Evi Chroni.
Duration: 20 minutes

•• 18:15 "A Moment of Total Equanimity"
Concept, choreography, direction: Adriana Plessa.
Performer: Sabina Andrea Allen.
Duration: 20 minutes

•• 18:40 "Cleaning Break / We’ll be back with you shortly"
Concept, direction, interpretation: Christopher Vogiatzis
in collaboration with Nadia Elgazar.
Duration: 15 minutes

•• “PS Please do not leave the space, as the next performance will start earlier than you expect”

••19:00 "Come and Go"
Director: George Zamboulakis.
Performers: Chrysa Karousi, Anastasia Kiritsi, Georgia Mylona.
Duration: 20 minutes

••19:30 "Cascando".
Director: George Zamboulakis.
Performers: Vasiliki Lentza, Asimina Christopoulou.
Duration: 20 minutes

•• 20:00 ": Hýδρα"
Direction –Sound Design/ Editing: Irene Makri.
Performers: Irene Makri, Marios Manthos.
Duration: 20 minutes

•• 20:30 "Sarah Effect [After Every Party I Die] "
Performers: Kyveli Papantoniou, Dimitra Sarri.
Duration: 20 minutes

•• 21:00 "Ερήμωση" (Desolation)
Concept, direction, interpretation: Lily Karapasia.
Duration: 20 minutes

•• 21:15 "Προίκα:/'pri.ka/"
Concept, direction, interpretation: Vassilis Demetriades.
Kinesiology consultant: Athina Varnava.
Duration: 5 minutes

Sunday 17/12, 20:00 & Wednesday 20/12, 19:30
"The Death of the Origin II"
Performance / Installation: Danai Simou.
Sound: Amberclock
Duration: 20 minutes

Monday 18/12, 20:00
"Talk to me Oshio". Spyros Aggelopoulos.
Duration: 45 – 60 minutes

Wednesday 20/12, 21:00
"On love"
First date: Kissing

Performance: Stella Dimitrakopoulou and Thomas Diafas
Image: Alexander Alekseenko

Thursday 21/12, 19:00 & Friday 22/12, 18:00
Elpida Orfanidou in collaboration with Effi Rabsilber.
Duration: 60 minutes

Thursday 21/12, 20:00
"Reconstruction", Rania Kapetanaki
Curated by: Antigoni Kapsali
Duration: 20 minutes

Thursday 21/12, 20:30 & Friday 22/12, 21:00
"ΜΩΣΑ", MAS performers
Concept: Ralitza Vladimirova.
Direction, dramaturgy, choreography, music: Ralitza Vladimirova, Thalia-Mari Papadopoulou.
Creative team, interpretation: Angeliki Panteleakou, Demi Palatsidi, Danai Balopoulou, Rola Vasilaki, Noni Papastefanou, Thalia-Mari Papadopoulou, Ralitza Vladimirova.
Light design: Dimitris Koutas.
Sound engineering: Dimitris Kyriakidis @ Alavastron produξions.
Graphic material: Demi Palatsidi.
Sound design: Fanis Sakellariou.
Production: Musical Arts on Stage, IntraVenous.
Duration: 60 minutes

Thursday 21/12, 21:30 – 23:00
"Intergalactic Conspiracy" Underathens ─ Alexandros Atlidakis

Friday 22/12, 16:30 – 17:30
Curated by: Natasa Erofili Tsagari.
Concept - performers: Natasa Erofili Tsagari-Chronis Barbarian.
External director: Maria Fourkioti
External partner: Galateia Lagoutari.
Duration: 60 minutes

Friday 22/12, 19:00 – 21:00
Athanasia Tsopanargia.

Friday 22/12, 22:00
Filippos Tsitsopoulos.

CHEAPARTWEEK2023 | Curious worlds
Curated by: Georg Georgakopoulos
Coordinated by: Fotini Kapiris
With the kind support of

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