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This is Not My Beautiful House

In "This is Not My Beautiful House", the notion of the house is contained in an endless repertoire of issues and a multitude of approaches. The exhibition focuses on the everyday practices and emotional manifestations that surround the house, leaving all technical and epistemological aspects strictly concerned with the production of a built environment aside. The house as a functional space of the everyday is the most intimate and common of places, a hub where the ceaseless production of multifarious practices gets interconnected with personal and social narratives whether perceived, imagined or experienced. Advancing from all sorts of token materiality - which may arise from unforeseen or accidental circumstances – the sturdy imagery of the house is veered towards the immaterial experience of affects. Emotional tensions within the house become mutable, doubled procedures which transform their surroundings and are equally affected by them. Values, expectations and possibilities get entangled with human and non-human elements in a creative mess within this periphery.

In particular, the notion of mess as a chaotic horde of elements in extreme difficulty to be arranged as an ordered ensemble describes eloquently the indefinable array of complexities that revolve around the house or the tensions involved. Considering this, the search for defined boundaries, the need to register a chaotic order and the protection of furtiveness become parts of a method to register the variety of domestic practices. Accidental findings, surprise realizations and reversals are welcome if not imperative.

Such an understanding may push aside any social typicality or it may focus disproportionally on circumstantial details in our living-in-the-house, circumventing the surface of things. In this light, in the exhibition "This Is Not My Beautiful House" nine visual artists use different mediums and approaches to explore the expanse of domestic experiences.

Curated by: Nina Kotamanidou

Artists: Io Aggeli, Eleftheria Alexandri, Vasilis Fiorentzakis, Athina Kanela, Nina Kotamanidou, Fryni Mouzakitou, Michail Parlamas, Antonia Thomopoulou, Grigoriia Vryttia.

The Athenian way
Drawing from the red and black-figure vases as a typical commercial product of classical Athens and earlier, the visual elements of positive and negative transcend time and enter into the present day. Two facets of Athens' identity—the positive and the negative, viewed from different perspectives. The city' inhabitants tend to magnify the faults with an almost dramatic quality that is oblivious to its benefits. Positive developments do not impress us, the negative catch us off guard. Two exhibitions explore this phenomenon, as the artists define in form, the impact it has on our daily lives: our surrounding environment is shaped by our interpretations of it.

Opening: Friday, May 24, 2024, 19:00
Duration: May 24 – June 2, 2024
Hours: 19:00 – 22:00

25 Apollonos, Plaka Mitrópoli, 105 56 Athens

Coordinated by: Georg Georgakopoulos

This is Not My Beautiful House