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Isternia/ Tinos Zig Zag Festival 2022 | Future Nature: Dialogues on Change

The 2nd ZIG ZAG Festival at Isternia, Tinos 》One week of Contemporary Culture 》Artists for Climate 》30+ Greek and international visual artists and musicians - art events - readings, talks - guided tours

One week of Contemporary Culture. From July 18 – 24, more than 30 sculptors, painters, artists of various art disciplines and musicians, present their work both indoors and in public spaces within the traditional village of Isternia. The Festival transforms the village of Isternia into a vibrant and engaging artistic canvas, while art installations, music events and guided tours, reclaim attention to our environment and natural heritage.
Isternia Tinos/Zig Zag Festival 2022 is a catalyst for the broader understanding of contemporary art as a means of raising climate change awareness. The festival revisits Tinian natural history through art, suggesting alternative ways of approaching environmental issues. Art exhibitions and events draw on local nature and explore its elements, connecting and engaging locals and visitors, in a unique exhibition and event program.

Future-Nature, Dialogues on change 

“Civilization and the life of nations are governed by the same laws as prevail throughout nature and organic life.”.
Ernst Haeckel

The 4 dominant elements of nature in the Tinian landscape, Air, Earth, Fire, Water, are given as symbols and allegories of interpreted through art.
Man, in attempt to explain life itself and the surrounding environment, assigned spiritual substance to the intangible, immaterial elements associated to him. 

Overcoming the harsh, daily struggle for survival, he built on a perception which on the one hand, explores a philosophical approach to his surrounding environment, on the other hand, seeks interpretation through physical interaction with it.

The ancient Greek conception of the four basic elements being Air, Earth, Fire, Water dates back to the pre-Socratic era, and was maintained throughout the Middle Ages until the Renaissance, deeply influencing European thought and culture. One of the earliest ontologies has the fundamental forces of the universe to be the four basic elements. By combining these elements and having them interact with one other, all materials emerge both as immaterial (invisible) and material (visual) objects of our Universe.

Modern science does not claim the four elements as the material basis of the physical world. The atomic theory, leaving behind early philosophical thoughts and latter misconceptions and false beliefs, classifies atoms into more than a hundred chemical elements that form chemical compounds. Solids, liquids, gas and plasma, however, are similar to the classic elements of earth, water, air and fire.

In the history of art one encounters numerous allegorical representations of the four elements. Similar to the planets or the days of the week, the four elements were associated with mythological deities. For example, the earth is symbolized by Kyveli / Rhea, water by Poseidon, air by Hera and fire by Zeus. Artists borrow references from these elements to develop an environmental toolkit, an artistic habitat.

The term ökologie was introduced in 1866 by the German biologist Ernst Heckel, deriving from the Greek words oikos + logos which literally means, "study of the natural house- (oikos)".

Ecology was not always synonymous with the environment, environmentalism or natural history. It is more relative to evolutionary biology, genetics and ethology, explaining the mechanisms behind biodiversity in response to the ecosystem. On the other hand, the environment of a living organism is the near or far area that affects its living conditions. Between environment and ecology there can be interaction, exchanges of matter, energy or information.

7-day exhibition/ event program Isternia Tinos/ ZIG ZAG Festival 2022

Dialogues on Change: Mapping the Materials of the Future
• Main exhibition of Isternia Tinos/ Zig Zag Festival 2022, Old Medical Center
• Outdoor Exhibition of Isternian sculptors

Book of Change
• A series of outdoor events, talks, readings, guided tours
• Sustainable food, acquaintance with the local cuisine of Tinos
• Digital collection of artwork and texts
• Art Hunt, outdoor art installations
• Evenings of Music nights
• Guided tours to the cultural heritage of Tinos

Isternia Tinos/ ZIG ZAG Festival 2022
Organized by: CHEAPART
Sponsor of Isternia Tinos /ZIG ZAG Festival 2022: Bank of Greece
Supported by: The Austrian Embassy in Athens
The festival is under the auspices of the Municipality of Tinos
Transportation sponsor: Golden Star Ferries
Coordinated by: APART
Participation: Offspring Young Artists
Breakfast sponsor: Vlachakis Eggs

Georg Georgakopoulos, Fotini Kapiris, Eva Dallas