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  • The artwork the Metro will buy
  • The artwork the Metro will buy
  • The artwork the Metro will buy
  • The artwork the Metro will buy
  • The artwork the Metro will buy
  • The artwork the Metro will buy

The artwork the Metro will buy

A ‘cut’ through the urban tissue reveals a multiple of cultural stratifications, layers of the city that one can recognize, label and date. Through the waste levels, one can identify through the true consumption demands of the city at any given time. The remains of used products become monuments - an object of research for every historian. Once again, historical remains are uncovered to be classified and identified.

The artists invited to this exhibition are called upon to share their thoughts, ideas, personal images, feelings, in successive layers within in array of glass showcases. Their effort in narrating their personal experiences, materials and objects in their own personal glass stele. Their ‘findings’ or compositions are buried in layers of soil until they surface to the present time, which rests casually upon the “heap” of the past. The visitors wander within the dark premises and reveal the “findings” which are bound within the glass showcases. They observe the layers of various buried objects that highlight the artefacts of our every day life.

The artwork the Metro will buy

Tide Laundry Detergent from the ’60s, the mighty VIM cleaning liquid of the '70s, the retro double ammonia cleanser AZAJ of the '80s, PLAYSTATIONS from the '90s.

Art as a relic. The 20th century concealed within successive tiem layers.

The Cut

The Cut reveals, displays, highlights, is discharged as a cultural HARD CORE. History becomes a natural event.


Time mutates, changes and strips things of their meaning. The city is as old as its stones.


Thought redefines, interprets, classifies, History becomes a spiritual event.

Layering as the art of connecting

Juxtaposition of forms and materials are conveyed through a coating of material and compositions in glass cases. Nothing really exists without the depiction of its origin, which is, the work METRO will buy.

Artists: Agapitos Agapitakis, Aliki Moutousi, Anne,Kern, Charalambos Dermatis, Christos Kehagioglou, Dimitris Georgakopoulos, Dimitris Merantzas, Eva Maragkaki, Fiona Mouzakitis, Fotini Kapiris, Georg Georgakopoulos, George Lintzeris, George Vaviloussakis, Grigoris Lagos, Harris Kontosphyris, Konstantinos Vavyloussakis, Maria Andonatou, Martha Tsiara, Nikos Ellinikakis, Nikos Kryonidis, Nina Pappa, Thomas Giatras, Vasilis Boutos

Print Sponsor : Next S.A., ANDREOU S.A.

Opening: Thursday, June 22, 2000, 20:30
Duration: 22.6-2.7.2000
Hours: 14:00-21:00

25 A.Metaxa Str. 106 81
Athens, Greece

The artwork the Metro will buy