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Contemporary Greek Art D.I.Y.

Have you always wanted to create a BEUYS or a BOLTANSKI? Maybe a D. BUREN, a K. HARING, a BRUCE NAUMAN or even a NAN GOLDIN but you’re afraid of the back-lashing. Don’t you fear! Others have already done it years ago and they were fearless. This exhibition gives you the D.I.Y. recipe: how to copy the copycat. The authentic work will maintain its artistic value anyway; only the supposedly original works are exposed and ridiculed.

Original works are created by artists with inspiration and thus reserve their authenticity.

The FAKE ones are produced by anyone who lacks the privilege of inspiration and naively believes that no one will recognize the original.

The exhibits here are declared fake by definition. Their resemblance to other contemporary art works is neither coincidental, nor accidental. Nevertheless, visitors have the opportunity to see photographs of the original works, while the names of the artists will be revealed, as well as the time and the place of their original presentation.

The artists that participate in FAKE assume the role of a fabricator, a similar identity to that of the copier artist.

After many years of research, George Georgakopoulos, Dimitris Georgakopoulos, Grigoris Lagos, Yorgos Lintzeris, Chrissie Tsiota and Pandelis Xeiroheimonas, present the perfect copies, on copies. Close your eyes and enjoy a taste of Contemporary Greek art.

CHEAPART 2001 Annual Sponsor: Archimedes Neonakis S.A.
Opening: Wednesday, March 14, 20:30
Duration: 14 - 25.3.2001
Hours: 14:00 – 21:00 daily

25 A.Metaxa str., 108 61
Athens, Greece