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CHEAPART was hosted in Thessaloniki for the first time in 1998, and is celebrating it’s 9th show this year at MYLOS Cultural Complex with the participation of 80 selected artists and 1600 artworks, fresh and innovative work entities.

CHEAPART initiated the first sustainable context art gallery in Greece. Since 1995 – present CHEAPART non­profit cultural organization has manifested a unique exhibition model, making art accessible to a larger public.

CHEAPART has given the opportunity to more than 160 emerging and established artists to experiment and market their work on a global level, and experience the impact of a major large­scale cultural event that attracts thousands of visitors each year. CHEAPART communicates new ideas to a broad, demanding public of varied social groups, in so providing an updated overview of the latest art trends. Through a series of 40 exhibitions CHEAPART has reached out to a wide public in Athens and Thessaloniki with an increasing visitation of overall 75000.

CHEAPART has created its own visual identity through a descriptive language of mottos and slogans which stress its positions and viewpoints. To no surprise, these expressive motifs have been systematically reproduced by many galleries and foundations throughout the years.

Artists: Alexia Albani, Angie Andreadaki, Maria Andonatou, Yiota Apostolopoulou, Andreas Vais, Vassilis Vais, m.v.d.Brink, Sotiris Vardakis, Thanos Vovolis, Dimitris Georgakopoulos, Valia Gouzia, Charalambos Dermatis, Michalis Doukoumetzakis, Maria Dermitzaki, Maria Zacharaki, Kyveli Zachariou, Lazaros Zikos, Eleni Theofylaktou, Fotini Kapiris, Maria Kavalaraki, Vera Kallianidi, Kika Karambela, Claudia Keimel, Anne Kern, Eva Katsaiti, Harris Kondosphyris, Selina Negri, Giannis Koutroulis, Kostas Kochaimidis, Ioli Leivada, Anja Lenze, Dimitris Merantzas, Yorgos Lintzeris, Anna Kaneli, Phillipos Manos, Marimina Marieti, Eva Mavridou, Nicholas Bliatkas, Lenia Oikonomou, Stavroula Papadaki, Aris Roupinas, Vasilis Sarioglou, Varvara Spirouli, Dimitris Skourogiannis, Aris Stoidis, Eleni Tsoni, Alexandra Stefanidou, George Tserionis, Maria Tsimbourla, Fermin Jimenez, Andonis Psarras, Natassa Dialisma.

CHEAPART 2003 joint opening:

Opening: Monday, December 8 2003 20:30
Duration: December 8 - 23. 2003
Hours: Monday - Sunday 14:00 - 21:00
25 A.Metaxa Str., 106 81 Athens, Greece
Opening: Monday, December 8 2003, 20:30
Duration: December 8 - 23, 2003
Hours: Tuesday – Friday 16:00 - 21:00 Saturday 12:00-16:00
20 Aristofanous Str., (4th floor) Psyrri
105 54, Athens Greece