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tone home V2Rmx

Following the first exhibition in 2003, “tone home" by Coti, Dimitris Charitos, Voltnoi, Thanos Evgeniou and Christiana Galanopoulou is presented at CHEAPART's booth in Art-Athina 11

Coti, Dimitris Charitos, Voltnoi, Thanos Evgeniou

“tone home" is a series of audio-visual installations in which the concept of home, of the “familiar”, is the starting point that defines living space as a metaphor for the inner world of the person who inhabits it.

Everyday objects and household appliances that vibrate – electric mixers act as musical instruments, televisions and radios incorporate surprises, hidden audio and visual sources produce a strange yet attractive and welcoming environment, with countless opportunities for interaction, the outcome of which depends solely on the way we handle them.

“tone home" is an open environment, a laboratory that invites the visitor to interact, to play with the audio-visual exhibits and to affect the way in which we experience them.

The visitor becomes an integral part of the environment, as she/he is invited to “inhabit” and become familiar with the environment and surrounding objects, to act on them, and trigger subsequent reactions.

Voltnoi visual communication.
Coti musician, composer, producer.
Dimitris Charitos VRarchitect και interactive designer.

Text by Christiana Galanopoulou, Art Historian ⬇

Art Athina 11
Old International Airport (Ellinikon)
Opening: Friday, May 10 2004, 12:00
Duration: 7 - 10.5.2004
Hours: 12:00 – 21:00