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  • CHEAPART Thessaloniki 2005
  • CHEAPART Thessaloniki 2005
  • CHEAPART Thessaloniki 2005
  • CHEAPART Thessaloniki 2005
  • CHEAPART Thessaloniki 2005

CHEAPART Thessaloniki 2005

Where were you in December 1995 - at the launch of CHEAPART? Since 1998 the first CHEAPART exhibition of the year showcasing small-scale works has been held in Thessaloniki with the collaboration of Mylos. CHEAPART radically change the way we perceive art in Greece. Today it’s 10th anniversary event brings on many useful conclusions, unimaginable at the time – yet most successfully applied over these years. If art and communication go together, has anyone been able to prove it? Is the artwork a consumer product? Can literally anyone acquire an artwork? Could an art context gallery actually be designed to exist and function in Greece? Have 235 artists actually participated in the CHEAPART exhibitions? Can an arts organization survive without being a for-profit company and without ever receiving any form of state or public funding? Can it be that CHEAPART events reach an unprecedented number of visitors? What makes it so popular? Is it possible to create new conditions for the production of artistic work, and avoid predefined procedures? Could anyone ever imagine that Greece's national participation at the recent Venice Biennale and Biennale of Sao Paulo were previously supported and showcased at CHEAPART 6 months prior to these presentations? Are these coincidences to frequent to be random? In any case, perhaps we cannot recall what you did in December 1995, but we now know where you will be on June 25th, 2005.

CHEAPART 1995- 2005 - Celebrating 10 years.

Artists: Stella Agianniti, Stefanos Alafouzos, Νelly Albertou, Angie Andreadaki, Τereza Antaraki, Elena Athanasiadou, Νikolas Bliatkas, Emy Chatzifotiadou. Giannis Chatzilaris, Melania Desfiniotou, Νatasa Dialysma, Santra Domvrou, Μichalis Doukoumetzakis, Michalis Eliou, Georg Georgakopoulos, Dimitris Georgakopoulos, Nikos Giavropoulos, Valia Gouzia, Elli Griva, Alexis Gryparis, Marios Kalamaris, Νikoleta Κapari, Elli Karavanaki, Eva Katsaiti, Harris Kondosphyris, Nikos Kryonidis, LAB of Architecture, Grigoris Lagos, Ioli Leivada, Sofia Lerta, Fanis Logothetis, Georgos Lyntzeris, Dorina Malliou, Alexandra Marati, Eva Mavridou, Aliki Moutousi, Maria Oikonomopoulou, Stavros Panagiotakis, Maria Papaioannou, Christina Parakente, Eleni Politopoulou, Fotini Polydorou, Antonis Psarras, Eleni Riga, Sofia Senoglou, Eri Skyrgianni, Vaso Sofra, Κallirroi Spyridonos, Aris Stoidis, Μaria Stylianaki, Filippos Theodoridis, Vasilis Theos, Martha Tsiara, Maria Tsimbourla, Michail Volos, Kyveli Zachariou, Stamatis Zervas, Vera Κallianidi, Κostas Κochaimidis, Εvaggelia Κokkinou, Periklis Κondylatos, Giannis Κoutroulis, Νikos Κyritsis, Alexandros Μagkaniotis, Filippos Μanos, Εrietta Μarkantonatou, Litsa Μavrogiorgi, Νikos Τriantafyllou, Τakis Τsakalidis, Georgos Τserionis, Μanos Τsichlis.

Opening: Saturday, June 25, 2005, 21.00
Duration: 25.6 – 19.7. 2005
Hours: 20.00 - 01.00 Monday – Sunday

Mylos, Thessaloniki
56 Agiou Georgiou str.
546 27, Thessaloniki, Greece