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Art Protest

20 artists and non-­artists protest against their existence, questioning and speculating. They protest against their strains, all they like and dislike­ anything they wish to share with the people of the city.

20 voices exist walk freely and uncontrolled within the city as their protest becomes a comment on collectiveness, communication, the private and the public, the accidental and the transient, the relation among art and man.

20 posters are waiting to be discovered as in a yellow­blue treasure hunt.

Look around you, somewhere close by a poster is trying to proclaiming something.

Listen to it.

20 posters by 20 artists have been created for ‘Public Works’ protest and are displayed successively in various areas within Athens. The artists preserve their anonymity so as to ensure their impartial observation of the posters.

All the posters are exhibited from November 23- 25, at CHEAPART Gallery.

Opening: Tuesday November 22, 2005
Duration: 22, 23, 24.11.2005
Hours: Monday – Friday 15:00 – 21:00 Saturday 12:00 – 16:00

25 A.Metaxa Str.,
10681 Athens Greece