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  • Christian Rupp, Kostis Ioannidis
  • Christian Rupp, Kostis Ioannidis
  • Christian Rupp, Kostis Ioannidis
  • Christian Rupp, Kostis Ioannidis
  • Christian Rupp, Kostis Ioannidis
  • Christian Rupp, Kostis Ioannidis
  • Christian Rupp, Kostis Ioannidis

Christian Rupp, Kostis Ioannidis

In context of Art-Athina 2007 Restarted, CHEAPART presents artists Christian Rupp and Kostis Ioannidis with two audio visual installations.

"Reflecting Media" is an ongoing project by Christian Rupp that deals with the "2nd reality" of the media (Simulacrum), and its constantly increasing significance in relation to the "1st reality".

Looking through a camera (lighting the images with the flash or video-light), structures become dominantly visible in the images which were invisible or latent before. Based on the technique described above, various issues around the complex relationship society/individual/media are dealt with. The interdependence of terrorism and media, lessons artists have to learn about stardom vs. virtual non-existence, the difference between direct sensual reception and media-conveyed experience, ...

Is the impact that art has through its representation in the media more important, because it reaches more people? Should art have to consider the way its conveyed through the media. Is it necessary for art to be media-compatible in order to attract real-life audiences in a second step? In an economy of public attention, is there only stars and nobodies without a "middle-class" in between? Will the promised 15 minutes for everyone ever be materialised or just the illusion of it? Does an artist need to create a "brand"? And does he have to comply to his own "corporate identity" in order to build a brand? ....

"g l a n c e s" by Kostis Ioannidis is an audiovisual installation that presents two different stories, simultaneously.
We hear a love story, while at the same time phrases from different love story are projected on the wall. A man relates to an unknown woman only by eye contact. A woman realizes that her love life has reached a dead end and decides to end her relationship.
Is this a lateral projection of the beginning and the end of a long-term relationship, or are we simply tapping into the thoughts of the two main characters that happened to meet at the same time? Are these two completely seperate situations, which in this context, appear combine and link?

In Greek, the word "matia", meaning "a glance, watching something in progress", from a different angle also meaning “a different perception of a subject, a point of view.” The viewer is invited to take another “look” on the work. To add her/his own viewpoint.

CHEAPART has been participating in Art-Athina since 2001, presenting projects and installations from artists from Greece and abroad, which represent the contemporary and experimental art scene.

Art-Athina 2007 Restarted

HELEXPO Exhibition and Conference Center
39 Kifissias Ave., 15123 Marousi, Greece

Private view: Wednesday, May 30
Duration: 31.5 – 3.6.2007
Hours: Friday May 23, 12:00 – 21:00
Saturday May 24 & Sunday May 25, 11:00 – 21:00