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«..and this new tradition will in turn be destroyed, so that the forecoming be surrendered to us, that which awaits us to indulge ourselves in. Since tradition is the acknowledgement of destruction, of devastation and of point zero.»

Dimitris Demetriadis 

What from the present will be passed on to the future?
What will comprise the tradition of future?
What will we safeguard and what will we reject?

The primary objective of the exhibition is to reveal the process in which to deliver tradition, based on elements of today. We may define this as futurology, or science fiction in the sense that what is found in the present will be tomorrow’s tradition.

The project has a direct reference to the concept of expanding the identity of a culture, as tradition and identity are concepts directly related to each other.

Possible manifestations of the project could be related to the up to now, restricted character of tradition and the need to dispatch, all risk involved, of the radical rejection of non-existing and vested cultural prototypes, to move into fresh, more critical paths of thought and creativity.

Tradition is treated as a process of continuous evolution and an establishment of the cultural identity of the people of a nation. Consequently, exploring the concept of tradition is ultimately a study on the effect of cultural entities, in essence of a cultural ‘give and take’ from generation to generation and the effect of time...

Artists: Manolis Iliakis, EmKei, Harris Kondosphyris, Maria Oikonomopoulou, Nikos Papadimitriou, Maria Sarri, Eleni Theofylaktou, Spyros Tsakiris.

Curated by: Gelly Grindaki

Opening: Thursday, October 4, 2007
Duration: 4 - 27.10.2007
Hours: Monday - Friday 15:00 - 21:00, Saturday 12:00 - 16:00

25 A. Metaxa Str.
10681 Athens Greece