CHEAPART | 86th TIF Thessaloniki International Fair
September 10 - 18.2022

Be a part of the largest September Art Event in Thessaloniki!

* Applications due: July 10, 2022

CHEAPART 86 TIF: CHEAPART invites applications from artists of all expressive mediums, painting, sculpture, etching/ engraving, photography, mixed media.

Application for Artists ˅

CHEAPART 86 TIF is a unique exhibition opportunity for entry level and established artists to promote their work to the broader public. For this, CHEAPART assembles and activates its longstanding network that participates and supports the exhibition. CHEAPART 86 TIF is hosted within its own pavilion which occupies a central position within the Thessaloniki International Fair, visited each year by thousands of art lovers, individuals, the general public and people from various business industries.
CHEAPART exhibitions are a large-scale events organised by CHEAPART organisation in collaboration with organisations, artists and curators. They act as a meeting point for the wide public, artists, art lovers, emerging collectors, art related professionals.
CHEAPART 86 TIF aims to highlight contemporary art production as an attractive and stimulating, high quality cultural product. Since 1995, the annual CHEAPART exhibitions connect the wide public, to the artist and the art community, thus creating a vibrant meeting point in the city center.

CHEAPART offers a reduced fee of 80 euro only for art university students.