In 2020 with the support of the Greek Ministry of Culture, CHEAPART digitizes its 25-year archive. CHEAPART invites the art public to an open engagement with the history of the organization and the experimental spaces connected to it - the artists, curators, the art lovers and partners that have shared this longstanding, 25-year art journey.

By means of a Digital Archive, exhibition material can be documented to help preserve Greece’s contemporary cultural heritage. It is a unique tool for the next generations to study, explore and revisit important events, and periods of time. In this context, CHEAPART digitizes and provides public access to 390+ exhibitions, installations and experimental projects that have been presented from 1995 until today.

In addition to CHEAPART’s main exhibition space (1995-present), the digital archive includes experimental spaces and projects designed and supported by the CHEAPART team, namely,

CAMP! (2011-14)
(Taf) the Art Foundation (2009-11)
The ArtWall (2012-17)
PindarosHotel (2013-17)
CHEAPARTHalandri (2013-2015)
• the International Arts Festival Back to Athens (2012- today)
• coordination of the intercultural program, Athens Intersection (2017-present)
• the exhibition network of international artists (2007-present) ARTmART / CHEAPART Wien, CHEAPART Amsterdam, CHEAPART Cyprus

At the same time:
• CHEAPART’s participation in the International Contemporary Art Fair of Athens Art-Athina, with focus on installations and experimental projects by Greek and international artists. (2001- today)
• development of the proposal for Greece’s national participation at the Sao Paulo Biennale (2004)
• talks, debates, discussions with people of influence, on current art issues.

The digitization of CHEAPART’s 25-year archive is linked to the development and evolution of the current art scene in Greece. Hundreds of artists and members of the art community have collaborated with CHEAPART and its parallel affiliated experimental spaces.

  CHEAPART 25 years on:
A significant cultural journey, in progress

CHEAPART's Digital Archive documents and preserves important exhibition material as a part of the recent history of contemporary art in Greece.

It is a unique tool to study and explore important art that defined its era, but also to revisit 390+ exhibitions, installations and experimental projects by CHEAPART.