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CHEAPART 26th edition. Less thought and more spontinuity. Size the Moment! Can we liquidize time so as tomorrow becomes the new today?

Size the Moment!

December 12 - 23, 2021 | CHEAPART Αthens 2021


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Suddenly things change, converting into something else. Planning for the near future is unfeasible. Can we size, can we condense time, can tomorrow become the new today? Can we bypass long-established procedures? Plans require time to be realized not because it is necessary, but because we've adapted to this mindset. Some prelong their plans like Sisyphus and when they are close to being materialized they withhold. Indeed, the worst thing that can happen to you is to implement your plans. You must leave the safe and inviolable space of thought and intellect and proceed hands-on to the field with discipline, to discover and apply practical applications and solutions. Can you do this? Current conditions have forced us to look beyond the obvious, to liquidize time, to move forward will less thought and more intuition. It is imperative that we become spontaneous, no one has ever asked this of us before. Let us expand, let us Size this Moment!

CHEAPART organization and art movement celebrates its 26-year course of research connected to experimental, creative practice, and the development of national and international networks of art communities and audiences.
The popular CHEAPART exhibitions which first liberated artwork from eliticity in 1995, redefining art as a cultural necessity for all, continues as a vibrant platform for expression of ideas, collaboration, and a meeting place for artists and art lovers.
CHEAPART Athens 2021 will be inaugurated on Sunday, December 12th at the historical building of Exarchia Square, where it first opened in 1995. From December 12 - 23, selected artists will present their work, engage and connect with the audience in person.


CHEAPART Athens 2021
Georg Georgakopoulos
Fotini Kapiris

Artists communications: Anna Androulaki
Artists coordination: Evridiki Vasilikou-Papantoniou

Opening: Sunday, December 12, 2021, 20:00
Duration: December 12 – 23.2021
Hours: Monday – Sunday, 14:00 – 21:00

25 A. Metaxa, Athens 106 81