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Back to Athens 2018

Back to Athens 6 at the Athens Commercial Triangle

10 days, 93 artists and curators, 14 countries, 13,000 visitors, 15 curatorial exhibitions, events, performances, talks, screenings and parties.

For 10 days, from June 1 – June 10, local and international artists from Greece, Austria, Germany, US, Belgium, Cyprus, Georgia, Ireland unite their creative vitality at the 6th Back to Athens Festival, inhabiting empty spaces and buildings within the Athens Commercial Triangle. Back to Athens is an idea platform a transit-meeting place for artists in Athens.

Launched in 2012, Back to Athens Festival combines the city’s artistic community in a cultural get-together of events including visual arts, curatorial exhibitions, performances, music performances, screenings and more. Back to Athens is a public showcase of contemporary art and expression that boosts social awareness and restores the local community to the Athens City Center.

The 6th Back to Athens is organized by CHEAPART in collaboration with the Athens Commercial Triangle and Athens Intersection cultural program, implementing an ambitious agenda of cultural events. Buildings such as the Old Paper Warehouse at 3 Chrysospiliotissis street, Vyssis & Agathonos street as well as Aeolou & Athenaidos after many years of neglect, have been re-opened and restored by the Athens Commercial Triangle Revitalization Program. My Odyssey estate at Vasiliki 1, 33 Praxitelous street, as well the building of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens at Vasiliki & Aeolou street, are important historical landmarks of modern Greek architecture ranging from 1860 through the 1930s to the 70s, that will host the exhibitions and events of this year’s Back to Athens. Back to Athens meets the Athens Commercial Triangle Revitalization Program, stimulating the motivation for returning to the City Center.

Back to Athens 6 | 2018

Opening: Friday, June 1, 2018
Duration: 1 – 10.6.2018

Curated, Organized by
Georg Georgakopoulos
Fotini Kapiris

Coordinated by 
Christina Pantelatou

Artistic production/ Organized by
Athens Intersection Cultural Program

Athens Trigono
Athens Commercial Triangle Revitalization Program

Supporting organization
Austrian Embassy in Athens

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
My Odyssey

Exhibition curators
Georg Georgakopoulos, Christian Rupp / Nothing is really Queered
Christina Pantelatou, Eva Dermitzaki / Green Room
Notos Studio / Since when don’t they like pink?
Philipp Benkert, Johannes Rips / Sent from my iPhone
Annetta Spanoudaki, Nikos Kokkalis
Nota Koulouriotou, Andreas Vousouras / Strange days
Eleanna Balesi, Fotini Kapiris / Arktou Parousis..
GURAM Chachanidze / CAMISA
Konstantinos Basios / Pictorial openings

Visual Installation
Fiona Mouzakiti, George Vlassopoulos / The Emperor's New Clothes

Performances / Happenings
Macklin Kowal - Sub Rosa Space / Matter of Matters by Andrius Mulokas
Angelos Skourtis / Strangely dangerous city
Maria Bourbou MYOPIA & Blurred Soundscape

Paria group

Back to Athens 6/ 2018 Exhibitions

Nothing is really Queered
The paradox becomes an everyday reality.
/ Angelos Skourtis Strangely dangerous city, performance
/ Maria Bourbou MYOPIA & Blurred Soundscape
Old Paper Warehouse 3 Chrysospiliotissis Str. Athens

Green Room
A different interpretation of the modern working environment - of the life quality standards of the modern man.
Vyssis & Agathonos Str. 1st floor, 105 51 Athens

Since when don’t they like pink?
The abandoned space as a starting point -artists create narratives based on everyday actions, behaviours and memories.
Vyssis & Agathonos Str. 2nd floor, 105 51 Athens

Sent from my iPhone
What is the end of a message? if a message doesn‘t end at all, how should one reply to it?…
Vyssis & Agathonos Str. 3rd & 4th floor, 105 51 Athens

#Annetta Spanoudaki Nikos Kokkalis
Collaborative presentation of the artist duo, Annetta Spanoudaki and Nikos Kokkalis.
Vyssis & Agathonos Str. 5th floor, 105 51 Athens

Strange days: The anaesthetic wearing off
The world has changed, the post modern man is imprisoned in a world of spectacles and virtual escapism.
MY ODYSSEY 1 Vassilikis Str, 1st floor
Agias Eirinis Sq., Athens 105 60

Arktou Parousis..
As long as the artist acknowledges the marks he will always be one step ahead, overcoming personal confinement.
Aiolou & Athinaidos Str. 105 51 Athens

Is there any connection between fashion and art?
33 Praxitelous Str., 105 60 Athens

Pictorial openings
The artwork of Amina Kortbi at the Side-way Stoa.
Side-way Stoa, 42/44 Aiolou Str.
Kolokotroni – Vassilikis Str., 105 60 Athens

The Emperor's New Clothes
Unwritten rules, taboos, hypocrisy, personal and collective decisions are based on knowledge and communication of information we either know or ignore.
Visual installations in various locations του Back to Athens 6.
Fiona Mouzakiti, George Vlassopoulos

Paria group screenings
Screening by Phaedra Derizioti and Georgina Kosmatos.
Outdoor area
Chrysospiliotissis, 105 60, Athens

Matter of Matters
On materiality reviving new horizons of possibility.
Performance project by artist Andrius Mulokas curated by Macklin Kowal / Sub Rosa Space
Sub Rosa Space 37 Praxitelous Str., 3rd floor 105 60 Athens