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  • Back to Athens  2022 | no apocalypse now, a review
  • Back to Athens  2022 | no apocalypse now, a review
  • Back to Athens  2022 | no apocalypse now, a review
  • Back to Athens  2022 | no apocalypse now, a review
  • Back to Athens  2022 | no apocalypse now, a review
  • Back to Athens  2022 | no apocalypse now, a review
  • Back to Athens  2022 | no apocalypse now, a review
  • Back to Athens  2022 | no apocalypse now, a review
  • Back to Athens  2022 | no apocalypse now, a review

Back to Athens 2022 | no apocalypse now, a review

Since initiation, Back to Athens has called upon Athenians to reinhabit the city center, to think differently about everyday life in Athens, its buildings, routes, history and culture, inspired by the work and projects of the artists.

This year 's edition of “Back to Athens” entitled "no apocalypse now, a review” proposes a return to an allegorical interpretation of Athens. To simple yet fundamental values and social structures, by revisiting democracy and other influential practices and documents from Plato and Aristotle, to Locke, Rousseau and Kant. Not with the intent of embracing past references, but in relation to the possible development of new social contracts of emerging societies and their future coexistence. In a global society with less materiality, within the realness of virtual interaction with the environment and the human social system, how do we envision political, ideological, sexual, interracial morality?

Proposals and thoughts spread across 19 curatorial exhibitions and installations by 120+ artists and curators with the aim of providing a comprehensive documentation of the artistic ideas and views. Back to Athens is an annual review, an outlook on the recent trends and projects collected from the past year.

Back to Athens 2022 hosts «No Humans Allowed», an exhibition ensemble aimed at supporting and promoting young curators and artists from Greece, Germany and Austria. Different yet identical views are reflected on critical issues, as are the conclusions and solutions of a new generation that has found itself in the arena of arts, in the vortex of the last decade.

Back to Athens 8 International Arts Meeting 2022

Isaiah Mansion
65 Patission & Ioulianou, Athens, 104 33

Georg Georgakopoulos
Fotini Kapiris
Christian Rupp
Coordination: Dorina Fountoulaki

Opening: Wednesday, June 29
Duration: June 29 - July 3, 2022
Press conference, only special invitations and performance rehearsals: Monday, Tuesday, June 27, 28
Hours: Wednesday – Friday 16:00 - 22:00, Saturday – Sunday 12:00 – 22:00

Back to Athens 2022: APART Art Research and Applications
«No humans allowed» [organized by: APART Art Research and Applications
with the financial support and auspices of the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports]
Under the auspices of the City of Athens
Supported by: Austrian Embassy in Athens
Bundesministerium für Kunst, Kultur, öffentlichen Dienst und Sport
ÖH der Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien
Coordinated by: CHEAPART
Participation: Athens Intersection Cultural Program
Communication sponsor: dreamideamachine

Back to Athens was implemented for the first time in 2012 within the wider area of Kotzia Square, up until 2014. From 2016-2017, it shifted to the historic square and Exarcheia district, in 2018 it gave a dynamic presence at the Athens Commercial Triangle, and since 2021 is hosted within the emblematic building of the Isaiah Palace in Patission.


Back to Athens 2022 | Exhibition & Performance program

Space52 presents «Afar»
Curated by: Souzana Fais, Space 52
Artists: Anietie Ekanem, Dionisis Christofilogiannis, Konstantina Chatzouli, HOPE Konstantinos Ntagkas, Margot Kalach, George Liones, Dionisios Pappas, Alex Rokadakis, Kriton- Nektarios Saccopoulos, Petros Tatsiopoulos.

«polyrhythmically, or if you prefer symphonically»
Curated by: Ariadne Tzika, Two Thirds PS
Artists: Laure Jaffuel, Orestis Mavroudis, Marios Stamatis, Christina Zampoulaki

«Austropocalypso wOw»
Curated by:
Christian Rupp
Artists: Elisabeth von Samsonow, Eva Schlegel, Klitclique, Franz Graf, Claudia Schumann, Rosa Rodelius, Tanja Prušnik

«We’ll stay at Your home»
Curated by: Xenia Kalpaktsoglou
Artists: Panayotis Lianos, Theodora Malamou, Nektarios Pappas, Helen Vrontis, Michailangelos Vlassis-Ziakas.

«Macbeth & Co.» Filippos Tsitsopoulos
Yiannis Mitrou, Fernando Castro Flórez, Sebastian Tsifis
Performance, video installation

«No Man's Land/Dreamland»
Curated by: Efi Michalarou
Artists: Katerina Anastasiou, Ioanna Assani, Evangelia Basdekis, Lamprini Boviatsou, Pericles Boutos, Aikaterini Kanakaki, Sophia Kyriakou, Nikos Kryonidis, Dimitris Lempesis, Alexandros Maganiotis, Margarita Petrova, Costas Picadas, Fotini Poulia, Rania Rangou, Alexandra Roussopoulos, Nadia Skiada, Fani Sofologi, Maria Stamati, Vicky Vassiliou, Irini Vazoukou, Costas Vittis, Flora Zafeiraki, Maria Zygomala.

«Community Tools»
Curated by: Amphicar Studio, Marilia Kolibiri
Artists: Antonakis, Angelos Angelidis, Natalia Astraea, Jean Damien Charmoille, Maria Diamantidou, Socrates Fatouros, Iasonas Kampanis, Marilia Kolibiri, Danai Kotsaki, The Krank, Aristeidis Lappas, Panos Papadopoulos, Dimitris Tampakis, Evgenia Vereli, George Vogiatzakis, Dimitra Zervou.

Curated by: Niki Papaspirou, Stratis Pantazis
Artists: Antonis Antoniou, Makis Faros, Efi Fouriki, Kornilios Grammenos, Nikos Iavazzo, Andreas Kalli, Katerina Katsifaraki, Andreas Lymberatos, Efsevia Mihailidou, Cornelia Mittendorfer, Dimitra Papagianni, Kyrillos Sarris.

Here, that is, Where?
Curated by: Nina Kotamanidou
Artists: Io Aggeli, Eleftheria Alexandri, Dimitris Anyfantakis, Andromachi Giannopoulou, Tati Douvana, Yiannis Kalliantas, Nina Kotamanidou, Chrisa Lamprakopoulou, Dorina Malliou, Frini Mouzakitou, Michail Parlamas, Christos Ponis, Georgia Touliatou, Vassilis Fiorentzakis, The Beheaded Researchers.

«Old Rabbit / New tricks»
Curated by: Georg Georgakopoulos
Artists: Dimitrios Antonitsis, Capten, Martha Dimitropoulou, Vassilis Gerodimos, Apostolos Karakatsanis, Ioannis Lasithiotakis, Dimitra Lazaridou, Jannis Markopoulos, Elio Samara, Katerina Zafeiropoulou.

«(dis) locations n' (dis) positions: here n' there»
Curated by: Eva Kekou
Artists: Chloe Akrithaki, Christophoros Doulgeris, Dimitris Kontodimos, Mari Masouridou, Giorgos Palamaris, Artemis Potamianou, Antonis Tsoulos.

Curated by: Karin Maria Pfeifer, Flat 1 Vienna
Artists: Walentina Ammann, Mirijam Bajtala, Ewa Kaja, Christiane Spatt, Karin Maria Pfeifer, Sula Zimmerberger.

Curated by: widmertheodoridis, WT
Artists: CKÖ, Ursula Palla, Scanderbeg Sauer, Ernst Thoma, Werner Widmer.

«Jack's Room / On the Road»
Curated by: Giorgos Ikaros Babasakis, Myrtia Nikolakopoulou
Artists: Kostas Tsolis, Nikos Tsolis, Efrosini Mytilineou, Filippos Tsitsopoulos, Vassilis Gerodimos, Lizzie Calligas, Eleni Panouklia, Nikos Papadimitriou.

«Supplies! Supplies!»
Curated by: Johannes Rips
Artists: Akoart, Angela Anderson, Jannik Franzen, Lisa Großkopf, Lars* Kollros, Raúl i. Lima, Jennifer Posny und Jonas Hammerer, Olga Shapovalova, Anna Spanlang.

«With a Little Help from my Friends»
Curated by: Kyvèli Zoi, KYAN
Artists: Ioannis Avgoustis, Dinos Bakounakis, Barba Dee, Claudio Coltorti, Chloé Royer, Kyveli Zoi, Ioanna Limniou.

«The Restricted Temple of Arts» 
Artists: Almuth Baumfalk, Sanna Duschek, Georg Georgakopoulos, Ragna Jürgensen, Jens Lange, Jörg Lange, Lap Yip, Dietmar „Willi Zodel“.

«We’re only interesting»
Curated by: Dimitri Yin, Phoenix Athens
Artists: Dimitri Yin, Alexandra Stamopoulou, Zachary Johnson.

«No apocalypse now»
Michalis Argyrou, Installation

«Home -004-»
Installation by Paolo Incarnato
Curated by: Stratis Pantazis

Video installation by Ellie Antoniou
Curated by: Odette Kouzou

«Exit Athena», Selma Köran, Video installation
Curated by: Olympia Tzortzi, Callirrhoë

«Perestroyka» Sascha Alexandra Zaitseva / «Interference» Miriam Laussegger
Artists in dialogue

«Tiny subjects II» Katerina Botsari

«wonder is the beginning of wisdom» Johanna Lin

«Oval» Nikos Artemis
Audiovisual installation

«Caryatid pin-up» Nikos Giavropoulos
Video installation

George Apergis aka EMEX / Modular Expansion
Friday, June 1, music performance